About Hedge Raven

Jun 24, 2008
I am me. In a world of definitions, I am an Atheist Hedge Witch. I do not believe Gods/Goddesses are a separate entity from oneself. I feel most deity systems were created to either control a population or to teach a population through relate-able stories. I feel many of todays Pagans choose deities they feel are most like themselves and therefore they are worshiping themselves and not an exterior being. This is not a bad thing. The Christian Bible says your body is a temple after all.

I created this page because Hedge, Green, and Kitchen Witchcraft is so misused on the internet and books. They are not religions but are life choices. It is like someone saying they are a Hippie. Yea Hippies tend to have certain spiritual similarities with each other but it is not what defines what being a Hippie is. A kitchen witch can be Atheist, Asatru, Solitary, Stregheria, Wiccan, or any other imaginable belief. You could then take another person from any of those belief systems and they have no clue how to boil an egg. I will never bring up Gods and Goddesses on this page unless it is to discuss my personal beliefs. Anything on this blog is useable for any type of belief so you can change things however you want to make it personal to you.

I feel at home in nature. Herbs and Astral Traveling are very interesting to me. Where others go to a church or a similar group setting to get a spiritual energy I get that when a huge storm comes in. As an Atheist I am skeptical but I do know science is a process of learning and there are many things we do not fully understand yet. Energy is energy. The calming peace of a sunset is going to lower blood pressure and ground a person. Just because someone is an Atheist doesn't mean they are going to yell BS at everything. Now I will call BS if you claim to shoot fireballs from your fingertips. ^_^

This blog includes all that interests me. Art, music, books, movies, recipes, ranting, and raving. The articles I post here were either written by me or have who wrote them (if it is known) at the bottom of the page and was downloaded through various ebook torrents that have been labeled as free to redistribute so long as all the info in the article is included and not claimed to be written by someone else. If there is any articles on this blog that was included in these packs in error please let me know and I will remove them promptly. Articles included in this blog are included because I agree with them in some way and some are over 10 years old and are too useful to let fade away.


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