Blackberry Wine

Jun 24, 2008

3 pounds of blackberries
3 pounds of sugar
1 gallon of boiling water

Wash berries, put in large bowl and pour over them the boiling water. Stir well, then cover the bowl and leave for ten days. Strain liquid through muslin, add the three pounds of sugar and stir well. Cover the bowl and leave for three days, but stir daily. Put into bottles and cork, loosely at first. The wine will be ready to drink in six months.


  1. Yvonne said...:

    No yeast?

    Or are you using the wild yeast from the blackberries?

  1. Raven said...:

    This recipe is completely safe and does make wine.

    Many types of fruit have a naturally occuring yeast on the outside of them. If you notice a white-ish haze on a piece of fruit this is the natural yeast. You cannot do this with non fruit wines such as dandelion or hibiscus.

    Commercial wine makers have to add a neutralizer to their wine before it is allowed to ferment because with a varying amount of natural yeast and their own added yeast each batch year to year would taste different. They neutralize the natural yeast so they have 100% control of how the wine will taste so long as everything else goes as planned.

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