Herbal Substitutions

Jun 25, 2008
Some times it may be hard to find a certain herb because it is rare or not often found in the kitchen cupboard. Here is a list of herbs that have properties similar to each other.  Keep in mind to only use this list for external use, burning, or satchels. One herb may be safe to take internally and another is toxic. Use caution in oils that will be put on the skin. People with sensitive skin may have a reaction to some oils.

Acacia:   Gum Arabic
Aconite:    Tobacco
Arabic, Gum:     Frankincense, Gum Mastic
Ammoniac, Gum:     Asafoetide
Asafoetide:     Tobacco, Valerian
Balm of Gilead:      Rose buds, Gum Mastic
Bdellium, Gum:    Copal, Pine Resin, Dragon's Blood
Belladonna:    Tobacco
Benzoin:     Gum Arabic, Gum Mastic
Cachana:     Angelica root
Camphor Oil:     Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil
Carnation:     Rose petals anointed with a few drops Clove oil
Cassia:    Cinnamon
Castor Bean:    A few drops Castor oil
Cedar:    Sandalwood
Cinquefoil:    Clover, Trefoil
Citron:    Equal parts Orange peel and Lemon peel
Clove:    Mace, Nutmeg
Clover:   Cinquefoil
Copal:    Frankincense, Cedar
Cowbane:    Tobacco
Cypress:    Juniper, Pine needles
Deers tongue:    Tonka bean, Woodruff, Vanilla
Dittany of Crete:    Gum Mastic
Dragon's Blood:    Equal parts Frankincense and Red Sandalwood
Eucalyptus Oil:    Camphor oil, Lavender oil
Euphorbium:    Tobacco
Frankincense:    Copal, Pine resin
Galangal:    Ginger root
Grains of Paradise:   Black Pepper
Hellebore:    Tobacco, Nettle
Hemlock:    Tobacco
Hemp:    Nutmeg, Damiana, Star Anise, Bay
Henbane:    Tobacco
Hyssop:   Lavender
Ivy: Cinquefoil
Jasmine:    Rose
Juniper:    Pine
Lavender:    Rose
Lemongrass:    Lemon peel
Lemon Peel:    Lemongrass
Lemon Verbena:    Lemongrass, Lemon peel
Mace:    Nutmeg
Mandrake:   Tobacco
Mint:    Sage
Mistletoe:    Mint, Sage
Mugwort:    Wormwood
Neroli oil:    Orange oil
Nightshade:    Tobacco
Nutmeg:    Mace, Cinnamon
Oak moss:    Patchouli
Orange:    Tangerine peel
Orange Flowers:    Orange peel
Patchouli:    Oak moss
Peppermint:    Spearmint
Pepperwort:    Rue, Grains of Paradise, Black Pepper
Pine:    Juniper
Pine Resin:    Frankincense, Copal
Red Sandalwood:    Sandalwood mixed with a pinch of Dragon's Blood
Rose:    Yarrow
Rose Geranium:    Rose
Rue:    Rosemary mixed with a pinch of Black Pepper
Saffron:    Orange peel
Sandalwood:    Cedar
Sarsaparilla:    Sassafras
Sassafras:    Sarsaparilla
Spearmint:    Peppermint
Sulfur:    Tobacco, Club Moss, Asafoetide
Thyme:    Rosemary
Tobacco:    Bay
Tonka Bean:    Deers tongue, Woodruff, Vanilla bean
Trefoil:    Cinquefoil
Valerian:    Asafoetida
Vanilla:    Woodruff, Deers tongue, Tonka Bean
Vetivert:    Calamus
Wolfs bane:    Tobacco
Wood Aloe:    Sandalwood sprinkled with Ambergris oil
Woodruff:    Deers tongue, Vanilla
Wormwood:    Mugwort
Yarrow:    Rose
Yew:    Tobacco

~Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs, Scott Cunningham


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