Weather Lore

Jan 20, 2011
Like with the rest of the lore pages, I am not saying all of these are true and should be strictly believed in. I post old folk lore because I love seeing what people of the past believed in.

* If the cows lie down in the field it is going to rain.
* When bees are out flying, there will be fair weather. When they stay close to the hive, rain is coming.
* Grasshoppers chirp louder and louder the hotter it gets.
* When a donkey nods and shakes its head a lot, it means rain is on the way.
* Flies bite more if there is a storm coming.
* If the spiders are making bigger webs, the weather will be dry.
* Bees will not swarm before a storm.
* A full moon rising clear means good weather
* If the wind blows so you can see the bottoms of leaves it will rain.
* A purple sunset means frost that night


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