Recipes in a Jar

Nov 27, 2012
Last night I pinned over 30 recipes in my "in a jar" board on Pinterest. These are recipes for anything from salads to desserts. I am going to try some of the cute mini apple and pumpkin pies for our Yule dinner.

I had talked to an Amish girl a few years ago who baked cakes in Ball jars. I asked her how long they stay fresh being canned in the jar. She said definitely 6 months. She said they usually use them up by then. When they had surprise company they would open up a jar per person and add toppings for dessert. She filled the Ball jar half full with batter, put on the seal lid and ring, then baked it as usual. The oven baked the cake and sealed the jar. And that didn't seal right away she kept on the pantry shelf to be used within a week.


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