Voices Were United

Nov 7, 2012

Last night we gained more than just a President. Last night the American people stood up and shouted that we wouldn't allow our freedoms to be taken away. Women stood up for themselves and said they wouldn't allow others tell them what to do with their bodies. LGBT stood up and said they wanted to be treated like equals, like human beings, and have the right to marry the person they love. The sick and the poor stood up and said they wanted to be able to keep their health care, something most other first world countries supply to their people.

Our country has become divided, not by rich and poor, Republican and Democrat, or black and white.
We are divided by old school ideas and new school ideas. One side of the wall is people who believe we should all go to church, be like our parents, the husband wears the pants in the family, and a marriage is a man and a woman. Once you are married you buy an expensive house with expensive toys and rack up a huge credit card debt. You complain about having no money yet have a large income but it all goes towards the debt you have racked up trying to impress others.

The other side doesn't care what others think of them. Men and women are treated as equals. Love is love and it doesn't matter who you love. Religion isn't as important as spirituality. Information is key and you should question everything. This side has learned from their parents mistakes and tries to be a better person in the end. This side makes due with what they have and shares what they can with others so no one is left in the cold. One newscaster last night made the comment that this generation views gays no differently than their left hand. This is very true. People are people and should be treated as such.

If you look at society today wild colored hair, tattoos, piercings, and outrageous clothes are the norm.  What was counter culture 20 years ago is what is popular today. I am in my early 30 and I have no problems with tattoos but I currently don't have any. I feel like a minority, lol. Everywhere I turn people have tattoos. When I was in high school tattoo studios weren't even legal in my state.

Last night was a huge win for the LGBT community. Now one fifth of the country recognizes gay marriage. It has taken this country eight years to get this far. Hopefully we will be able to work faster at getting more states to recognize gay marriage. Also in world news Spain has legalized gay marriage!

Watching some of these Republicans and Christians talk about their anti-gay beliefs is really frightening. There has been preachers saying gays shouldn't allowed to breed, should be killed, should be isolated, should have psychiatric evaluations to "get the gay out of them". We are lucky they are not organized because if they were they would be worse than the KKK. They don't even realize how much hate they are spewing and how evil they are turning into.

I look at peoples relationships around me. I look at my cousins and see how most of them have been divorced. I look at friends and see how some of them have been divorced and others haven't been married but have been living with their significant other of the opposite sex for years and have had children and are perfectly fine with their situation. Then I look at my marriage. My husband and I have been together since 2002 and have been married since 2005. We look at each other as equals. We do everything together. We are best friends.

Then I look at my gay and lesbian friends. I will not say I feel sorry for you. To say you feel sorry is to admit failure. I will stand beside you and fight. There is no reason for a person to beg for something that is second nature for every other person on the planet. There is no reason for someone to ask to be treated like a human being. There is no reason for someone to cry them self to sleep because their parent disowned them. Because the person they love is in the hospital and the are not permitted to visit them. Because they want to start a family with the person they love and want to spend the rest of their life with.

This election was a huge success for women. The  Republican party tried it's hardest to belittle women calling us sluts, the single women ticket, and trivializing rape. Republicans are perfectly fine with prescriptions like Viagra being covered by insurance yet birth control is not.

Birth control should be embraced by the pro-life groups as a first step in preventing abortions. If birth control is readily available to girls and women then "oops" abortions would decrease. I understand Catholics having a problem with handing our birth control but no other denomination I am aware of have issue with it. You can deny the fact that your 15 year old daughter is sexually active all you want but once she comes home pregnant you will have to face the facts and by then it is too late. Sex education and birth control needs to be more readily available and accessible sooner.

Birth control is also used for many medical reasons. There are many married couples who want a healthy sexual relationship but it is dangerous health wise for them to have children. Some women need to be on birth control if changes in hormone levels aggravates health conditions or if they have blood disorders like low platelet counts.

The issue of rape was a huge downfall for the Republican party. Stating some forms of rape was legitimate or that a woman's body had ways of shutting down a pregnancy just showed ignorance. Mourdock stating a child resulting from a rape was a gift from God was insulting especially since he was from Indiana, one of the states where a rapist can take a woman to court for child custody.

A woman should not have to worry about being raped while in public. A man can go to a party and enjoy themselves and a woman should be able to do the same thing without the fear of being raped. It should be insulting to a male when someone brings this up. People are saying you can not be left alone without sticking your dick into something.

Our country has a lot of work to do. We have made huge steps in the right direction last night but we need to keep pushing forward.

Oh yeah, they passed something in Colorado and Washington State. I don't remember what it was...

Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


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