This Evening We Mourn

Dec 14, 2012
This evening we mourn for the lost people and children of Sandy Hook. In a season of joy families are faced with heart ache. Tonight I will light a candle in solidarity with the people of Newtown, Conn. I can not even begin to understand the feelings they are going through right now. I look at my daughters and shed tears at the thought of losing them. My heart aches for the 20 children who are missing from parents arms tonight.

I ask that the spirits help these families heal their hearts and guide them through their healing process. I ask the ravens to help these people and children who have lost their lives journey on to the other world. I ask the ravens to protect them during this frightening time. I ask that the families feel the arms enveloping them from the love projected across the country and world.

If you would like to send a card to the school children or their families the address is Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482. It may not seem like much but to a young child seeing cards from people all over the world puts into perspective for them how many people care for them.

I haven't seen any type of monetary fund set up yet but if you wanted to send any checks to that address I am sure they would send it to appropriate people. I am not sure if the Red Cross would be able to channel funds to help the families.


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