Fox News is gettin all Anti-NonChristian Again

Feb 18, 2013
The University of Missouri came out with a list of religious holidays that are observed not only by main stream religions but also religions like Paganism, Shinto, and Baha'i. This was released so professers could have a reference to not have tests on or the day after a holiday so the students could celebrate their holidays without having to study the entire day. It is also to help fellow students understand other religions and to help accept different beliefs and what other people do during these holidays. First off I would like to say I am extremely happy to see a college in the middle of the Bible Belt of the US Doing something as cool as this.

Then of course Fox News has to put their grimy two cents into it. They pick and rip apart the list and put their cute quotes around words their dense audience tends to not pick up. They didn't bring this up as a list of religious holidays. No, they brought this up as a list of Wiccan and Pagan holidays. Their selling point for the entire news spot was the fact that 20% of the days on the list was Wiccan and Pagan related and that the cast of Fox News didn't knows anyone that was Wiccan or Pagan. They also state that the number of Pagan holidays outnumber of actual religion holidays.  Actual religions? What are those? Paganism isn't an actual religion? Is there some sort of form that needs to be filled out to be considered an actual religion?

They then go on to say that the University hates Orthadox Christianity. Yes Fox News. Everyone hates Orthadox Christianity just because their holidays are mentioned on a web site. Since that is wrong we should change how all school scheduals are and remove the winter vacations since they are in place because of the Christmas holiday. All students should go to school on Christmas since it is silly to ask for it off since it is silly for Pagans to ask for Halloween off.

The mention "most important" holidays and "useful and informational." The most important holiday the bicker at is the Chinese New Year. On the UoM website it states that work is significantly restricted on that day and to please do not have any tests on that day. If a professor for any weird reason tried to give a test on a Sunday Fox News would be all up in arms screaming religious persecution.

Then they had comments from Tammy Bruce from the syndicated Tammy Bruce Show. I have never heard of her so I went to her page. I first looked at the picture at the top and thought oh yeah she looks bitchy and then I noticed she was holding a hand gun. WTF. I have no problems with people wanting to own normal hand guns or rifles but a radio host randomly holding a gun just screams hill jack crazy lunatic.

UPDATE 2.20.2013 - According to FishbowlDC Tucker Carlson has made an apology  to Pagans and Wiccans. Thought is it an apology it is filled with sarcasm and ignorance and is more of a statement of shut up and leave me alone than an actual apology.


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