Straight Only Prom Because Gays Are Icky

Feb 11, 2013

Apparently some folks in Sullivan Indiana are organizing a private "straight prom" because Sullivan High School is allowing the LGBT community to invite their partners to the schools prom. This group thinks having gay couples holding hands and dancing is icky or something.

This group is members of the Sullivan First Christian Church. Oh that is a shocker there. I cant believe Christians would be upset about Gays. They are so loving. Now get this, the woman in charge of this is Diana Medley, the Special Education teacher of the school. Well knock me down and call me clumsy!

This church group has been reported as saying gays have "no purpose in life" and they are organizing this to get others to believe the way they do and to set up a "good prom." Yeah because the schools prom is an evil bad prom that will send people to hell, amirite. ¬_¬

Sullivan First Christian Church
105 North Broad Street
Sullivan, IN 47882
Phone & Fax 812-268-4348

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UPDATE: According to WANE-TV Sullivan First Christian Church has turned off their fax machine because of getting hate mail and pornographic images. Lulz ^_^


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