The Power Of Love Will Overcome The Power Of Fear

Nov 15, 2015
I have had issues with "prayers" for a long time. I grew up in a house and community who would rather pray for others and pass out bibles instead of actually helping the needs of people. Where prayer is many times used to beg for wants instead of trying to gain the strength to overcome challenges. I have felt prayers and even spells have been used for way too long as an adult version of a wish list for Santa.

I do believe, though, in the power of transferring energy. If you are exposed to someone in a bad mood that energy is transferred to you. If you see someone in sorrow the natural reaction is to put your hand on them or hug them in an unconscious attempt to take away their pain and to send love to them.

The past few days there has been a horrible fog over the world because of the negative energy that has been spread and those with open hearts and minds picking up that energy. Do not live in fear. If you do, then they win.

Madonna took a moment from her concert is Stockholm to speak out about the bombings and senseless killings in Paris. I feel she has a very strong message and applaud her for taking a moment of silence.

How To Help:

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - This is the world wide Red Cross. You can make donations via Credit Card and can choose France or donate to the organization as a whole.

Doctors Without Boarders - DWB helps assist in medical care in poverty stricken nations and during times of emergencies.

There are quite a few France based groups that need assistance but currently they are not able to accept American credit cards.

If you live near a major city in the United States you can search Facebook and Twitter using the hash tag #StrandedInUS if you are willing to open your home to people stranded at airports with France bound planes.

If you are living in France you can help those in need by using the hash #PorteOuverte (OpenDoor). It is a hash used by those in close neighborhoods to help feed and house those whose homes were destroyed, live in restricted areas, or cant afford to eat.

Remember, the energy you give out today will echo.
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