Burn Poultice

Feb 26, 2011
Burn Poultice

Use equal parts of Echinacea, comfrey and marshmallow root
(enough to cover the burn area generously)
Aloe Vera leaf(s)
a few drops of clove oil

Immediately after the burn occurs, place in an ice water bath for at least 10 minutes - I try and make it close to 20 for myself.

1) Remove the inside from the aloe vera

2) Pulverize the roots and aloe together (if using dried root-reconstitute first with purified water) making it as smooth as possible--don't worry if it is still lumpy though

3) add a few drops of clove oil

4) Apply to your burn covering well-don't make it too thin or it will dry out too fast)

5) Cover with a clean gauze and leave on for 3-6 hours...the longer it
stays the better you heal.


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