Calendula-Lavender Cream

Feb 26, 2011
2 oz. comfrey oil
2 oz. calendula oil
1/2 tsp. hydrous lanolin*
2 oz distilled water or rose water
1/16 oz. borax powder
1/4 lavender oil

Combine and heat comfrey and calendula oils. Melt lanolin and beeswax in oil mixture. In another pot, gently warm water and dissolve borax in it. Remove both mixtures from heat. Place oil-wax mixture in blender or food processor. Add the borax and water mixture very slowly, constantly blending, until water has been added. Constantly push hardened top edge of mixture back into blender or food processor. Add lavender oil; blend until thickened. Pour into jars. Store any extra cream in the refrigerator.

You can replace the water in this recipe with fresh plant juices, technically called succus, if they are available. Succus is usually preserved with 20% alcohol. But be aware that cream made from fresh plant juices tends to last 6 - 12 months.

* Hydrous lanolin is available in pharmacies.


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