Broom Lore

Dec 1, 2012
When you sweep you are removing what is negative from your home. When you move to a new house you should never bring your old broom. You will bring the negativity from your old house into your new one. Make or buy a new broom each time you move. 

If you sweep dirt through the doorway to the outside after dark it is thought you are either sweeping away happiness, part of your own soul, or hurting wandering spirits.

If a young girls steps over a fallen broom she will become a mother before a wife.

If a broom falls on it's own you will have company. If you accidentally knock it over it will be bad news.

Never use a broom in a house with a deceased person inside.  

Do not use the same broom to sweep both inside and outside. Have one broom just for inside sweeping and one for just outside sweeping. Never mix them up.

When a couple is married or handfasted they are to jump over a raised broom. If they trip over the broom while jumping over it the marriage will not last.


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