Dec 2, 2012

Smudging has been used by Native American as a cleansing herb. A smudging bundle consists of Sage and can also have other herbs like Cedar or Rosemary. Sage has antiseptic properties so using a smudging stick can also help when a home is ridden with colds and flu.  It produces a large amount of smoke when lit so a person with asthma may want to take caution when using this. Sage has been used as a steam inhalation to help with asthma but I am sure inhaling smoke directly would aggravate it.

Since you are using a burning wad of herbs you will want to have a fire proof dish with you at all times in case ashes try to fall off. A large shell, a dish, or a bowl will work. You might want to take the batteries out of smoke detectors while you do this. Remember to put them back in!

Another issue you might have is some people think Sage smoke smells a little like Marijuana. If you live in a college dorm you might get complaints for using a Sage bundle. Also if you are younger and live at home you might want to tell your parents you will be burning an incense.

You will want to light a small section, about the size of a nickle, when you start the bundle. If you start a larger section on fire you may end up with a lot more smoke than you can handle for your home or apartment.

You will want to walk around your home or area you want to cleanse from evil or negative energy. Go into each room and pause in each one. You can say a prayer like the one above or just think about negative energies leaving the area. Personally I feel if you let what comes from your heart come through it will work better. If you are worried about reciting something someone else writes you are not focusing on what you are doing. Spells are like prayers. You don't see Christians asking each other what they need to say to pray to God, do you? Same with spells. Radiate energy from yourself and release love and protection and tell the smoke to remove the negative.

Once you have circles around your home lay the bundle in the fire safe bowl and let it smolder out. Some people redo this monthly, with every season, or as they feel they need to. 


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